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February 2020



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Workplace Awareness and Conflict Coaching Program


OOPS’ Workplace Awareness and Conflict Coaching Program encompasses educational training and coaching for managers or employees with the objective of improving self-awareness and providing the tools for effective and appropriate communication and respectful workplace interaction.

This Program is effective because coaching focuses on the future, using learning from past experiences and helping people discover answers for themselves to achieve success in self-defined goals.

This 10-hour confidential Program consists of the following:

  • Initial communication between the OOPS coach and yourself (or other stakeholders) for the purposes of gathering the necessary information and documentation to develop the coaching plan for the employee;
  • An initial face-to-face meeting between the coach and employee. This will allow the coach to get to know the individual, to discuss the current issues, assess challenges and to identify goals (usually 2-3). This session will also include the completion of an assessment tool that will be used to measure the employee’s self-awareness with regard to appropriate workplace communication and behaviour when under stress;
  • Included in the Program is a 90-minute session providing practical information regarding roles and responsibilities in maintaining a harassment, bullying and discrimination-free workplace;
  • Following the initial meeting, a series of regular meetings (frequency and mode [in person/tele-conference] to be determined between the coach and employee) over a period of three-six months to gauge progress and to have further discussions on any "live" or challenging issues in the workplace;
    • It is expected that within this time frame, the employee will receive positive feedback on their improved workplace communication and behaviour from leadership and colleagues;
    • During this period the employee will be provided various reading or activity tasks to provide opportunities to practice and self-reflect on the strategies discussed during coaching sessions;

Once the initial phase of the coaching has been completed, we will assess the employee’s progress in their goals and the need for continued sessions. If nothing further is required, we will provide you with a brief summary report outlining the program process.