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Bullying in the Workplace - Dealing with Bill 14 in BC 

So what does your organization need to do now that the 3 new WorkSafeBC policies have been introduced??

By November 1, 2013, all employers in BC must:


a. develop a policy statement with respect to workplace bullying and harassment not being acceptable or tolerated;

b. take steps to prevent or minimize workplace bullying and harassment;

c. develop and implement procedures for workers to report incidents or complaints of workplace bullying and harassment;

d. develop and implement procedures for how the employer will address incidents or complaints of workplace bullying and harassment;

e. inform workers of the policy and procedure;

f. train managers, supervisors and workers on recognizing the potential for bullying and harassment, responding to bullying and harassment, and procedures for reporting and how the employer will deal with complaints of bullying and harassment;

g. annually review the above steps;

h. not engage in bullying and harassment of workers and supervisors, and

i. apply and comply with the employer's policies and procedures on bullying and harassment.


Not sure on exactly how to comply with these WorkSafe requirements by November 1st? We can help you navigate...


Ounce of Prevention Solutions Inc. has developed a comprehensive Respectful Workplace program to help ensure your organization complies with these WorkSafeBC's requirements. If you want to learn more, please contact us at 604.345.7933 or email us at cotto@oopsolutions.com.


Highest Canadian Award for Bullying in the Workplace - Over a Million Dollars

A Windsor, Ontario woman has successfully sued WalMart for workplace bullying and was awarded over $1 million. This is the highest award in Canada for bullying and is a precedent setting case. Another interesting fact is that the bullying manager was ordered to pay $250,000 of the award.  Source article: http://blogs.windsorstar.com/2012/10/12/walmart-case-could-help-all-bullied-workers-professor/

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