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How to be an Effective Workplace Investigator Training

February 2020



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Respectful Workplace for Managers


This interactive session will focus on the legal mandates and practical education as it relates to organizational policies and the law (provincial Human Rights legislation, workers’ compensation etc.) – including discussion surrounding risk management, legal mandates and liability, due diligence and roles and responsibilities at all levels of the organization. This session will be facilitated by one of our consultants with extensive experience in employment matters and respectful workplace issues. Maximum 25 participants/session.

The following is an overview of this workshop:

  • To ensure that all participants have a comprehensive understanding of what is and what is not harassment, discrimination and bullying. This includes an overview of the types of behaviour that are prohibited by organizational policies and by law;
  • To identify individual rights, options and procedures pursuant to organizational policies and the law;
  • To understand the importance of resolving workplace conflict and how to address complaints both informally and formally; and
  • To ensure that all participants understand their roles, responsibilities and potential legal liability.