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How to be an Effective Workplace Investigator Training

October 28-29, 2019


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BuildaBoss Program

It's been said that people quit their bosses, not their jobs.

How would you like to keep your employees, and maximize your profits, organizational capacity and effectiveness?

Would you like to hear your employees describe their bosses as "motivating, trustworthy, accessible, accountable, collaborative, supportive, fair, empathetic, honest and respectful?"

This innovative and comprehensive 6-month program is designed to set your new supervisor or manager up for success and to be that kind of boss. Participants will engage in informative and interactive training and will also experience growth in their professional development through personalized coaching sessions. BUILDaBOSS is delivered by an experienced team of HR and Leadership Development professionals who will provide your new managers with essential skills for creating respectful and productive workplaces and includes:

  • communicating clearly and respectfully
  • strategically managing performance
  • encouraging autonomy and innovation
  • holding career planning and development discussions
  • managing conflict & solving problems
  • setting goals
  • making decisions with their teams and colleagues.

The result = bosses that employees choose to stay with.